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Extremadura is a relatively unspoiled (by modern standards) and undiscovered area of Spain.  Away from the touristy hustle and bustle of the coast, yet with more lakeside beaches than the whole of the rest of Spain, you are never very far away from somewhere to mess about in the water.  And quite often you may be the only person at the lake... magic!  If you enjoy walking, wildlife, bird spotting, history and local culture and of course somewhere a little different where no one you know has been... then Extremadura is right up your street!

 Self Catering Accommodation:

We are a working farm/small holding (olives and figs) in a beautiful 'off the beaten track' area of Spain yet only three hours by car from Madrid.

 We can offer some self catering, eco-friendly accommodation for those on a budget and who like to do something different and experience something rather special.

The Casita

The casita has one bedroom currently configured to sleep two people. The beds can be pushed together to form a double and there is also a futon available for that extra person!  There is a kitchen with cooking facilities and refrigerator and a TV with DVD player should you lack for entertainment. The shower and toilet facilities are modern and clean and there is plenty of solar powered hot water.

A BBQ area is situated opposite the casita.  Be aware that we are in a high risk of fire area and during the months of June through to October outdoor fires and bbq's are banned. We do not take visitors from mid June through to the start of September but if you are holidaying  in early June or September availability of the BBQ will depend upon the weather.  Great care should be taken in any case. 


30 euros per night for a minimum of three nights. A discount of 15 euros will apply if you book more than 7 nights.

A welcome box of supplies is available for 10 euros. (Typically contains milk, bread, cheese, ham and a bottle of wine) the quality of the wine depends upon what is available at the local supermarket but it is mostly drinkable (😀)

We don't put anything unmentionable down the sink or toilet because it fills straight into an ecological underground tank where a natural process of bio-degradation returns clean water to the earth... where, in time, our pump brings up the water for us to drink!  We have had the water chemically tested and it is pure mineral water - purer than the treated stuff you get in town so you can drink it.

Fortunately, you don't have to go medieval to be eco-friendly.  Our facilities are  modern and clean.  Our hot water is solar heated and in the event of prolonged dull days (rare even in winter) there is no hot water... and nothing to be done about it either! This however is a very rare event.

All bed linen is provided (but not ironed) and extra bed linen is made available for those staying more than a full week. Towels can be provided, they may not be new but they will be clean. We do not use fabric softeners as they are not ecologically friendly, are unnecessary and inhibit the absorption qualities of the towel.

On the topic of washing, there is no washing machine at the casita but it is possible to handwash and usually clothes dry in a very short space of time. For visitors staying more than a week the washing machine at the main house can be used for a small charge.

Internet is available free of charge once a day at the main house so you can keep in touch and check on the modern world if you need to.

When to come:  All seasons have their own beauty and wildlife, flora and fauna to recommend them.  Early spring sees the arrival of the storks from Africa along with other seasonal migrants like the Bee-Eaters and Hoopoe, beginning of May for the cheese fest in Trujillo and April/May is the best month for the wild flowers, August for the fresh figs and the local fiesta and the intense summer heat, Autumn for the arrival of the cranes and December for the olive harvest and the crisp sunny days.

 Each month has something different to offer the tourist.  Be aware however that our accommodation is not available during the intense heat of July and August and also due to the olive harvest in December when we usually have Volunteers occupying the casita. January can be wet - not necessarily an issue but the casita is small when you can't spill over into the outdoor space.

What to do in the area:  We are situated just three hours drive from Madrid or two and three quarter hours from Seville and only forty minutes from the busy city of Caceres with train connections throughout Spain.  It's just over an hour to Portugal or three hours to Lisbon.  Our village, Almoharin, has plenty of bars and cafes, supermarkets, banks, chemist, bakers and other random small shops.  Finca La Reina is situated just a couple of km up a rutted dirt lane on the outskirts of the village.  Easily walkable when weather allows but feels like a million miles from civilisation.

This is a birdwatchers paradise all year round.  Walkers too can stroll for hours on rarely used dirt tracks and rocky pathways (a very good walkers site in English is here for those who want more information about the surrounding area), this is definitely biking countryside but you need to bring your own bike with you, you wont find any tourist bike hire shops around here.

There are castles and ancient monuments, medieval towns and villages, Visigoth church's and Roman ruins, lakes and open countryside dotted with small farms and wildlife paraded before you as if you were touring a safari park.  Along with friendly Spanish locals who will try to communicate even though they don't speak a single word of English... you will be surprised how far a smile and a little miming will get you!  If this sounds like Paradise to you... then perhaps you need to come and visit.

TO BOOK:  email me jemima.luddite at (symbol) with your preferred options.  Deposit required (paypal payment) to secure your booking and full payment should be made before you arrive - just like any other holiday really.

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