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A Little House on A Finca

 Fancy a nosey around my little house? Come on in..

Zero Effort Gardening

 No such thing? Perhaps, but I honestly haven't put very much effort into the autumn planting. Our volunteers did almost all of it. It's a solution if your garden is getting too much for you, not that I'm at that stage yet but getting someone else to do the heavy work leaves me free to do other stuff. A sensible arrangement.

Being on TV.. Good or Bad?

 Well I had the opportunity to be on tv.  I turned it down.  Would you? If you'd like to see more films about our lives here please subscribe on YouTube to our channel, its called Jane Fincaarte. Thank you for watching.

The Autumn Planting and An Exciting Prospect

 And suddenly the garden is empty! The summer veg has gone, time to get planting for winter. Is it just me or does anyone else have issues with underestimating how much veg to plant? Or maybe you overplant? Plus, life throws up some unexpected stuff sometimes.. still deciding if that's good or bad..