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Fergus - our blind dog.

 This is the first post in a series about our family of animals. It also includes our experience of the Perseid meteor shower. The night sky is amazing here but sadly my camera was not up to the task. Anyhoo.. 😁 a little background on our best friend and loyal companion Fergus.

Summer Sucks!

Looking forward to summer is ingrained in my psyche.  I can't help it, I come from northern climes and summer was a wished for, longed for even, time of year.  Accompanied by the anxiety that it might not be a good one lol. Here in Spain there is no question of whether summer will be hot or not.  It is. Full Stop.  And the locals dread its arrival.  The rest of the year the weather here is wonderful, something akin to a British summer but all year round.  But the temperature rises during July and August to the low 40C.  And sometimes at night its well over 30C.  This makes things difficult, not just for us foreigners but the locals complain too.  How do we cope?  Take a look and see....  

Not The Biggest Tomato In The World - But Close!

 its full on tomato season here in Extremadura.  Our nearby town, Miajadas is the European Tomato Capital based on tonnage of tomatoes that are handled by its 4 tomato processing plants.  Today I take a wee trip out to see whats going on.  Come with me... Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to keep the You Tube Gods happy. Thank you.

The Fig Guns! Yes I said FIG!

It's definitely fig season here. It's hot, it's sultry and the fig trees smell divine.  Life on a fig farm, and yes, you can get sick of figs 🤣