The BEST way to use under ripe Kiwi!

It's very difficult to find a really good, ready to eat kiwi in the supermarket these days. At least that's my experience here in Spain. And so many times I've left an under ripe kiwi in the fruit bowl far too long and missed the optimum time for eating it.  Well, no more. This is what I do with all the hard kiwis from now on.

Kiwi fruit is very popular here in Spain and until recently very cheap too. Since the virus I think all prices are rising so that situation may not last. Anyway, this is my favourite recipe for using kiwis. I hope you enjoy. Oh yes, it also includes my usual complaint about American recipes not being metric 😂 I really should just accept that folks in the USA are simply delightfully quirky. 😳😂🤣

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