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Help Wanted!

When the world returns to normal (will it ever?) We shall be looking for volunteers once again to help with projects on the finca.

At the moment it's incredibly hot here and apart from a little weeding and the daily watering routine we really aren't doing any work at all. Lucky us? Yes, I can't complain. (But of course I do, mainly about the weather).

If you'd like to talk to us about a volunteering opportunity then please pm me.

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Garden Tour and Yet More Chicken Dramas

An update on what's happening in the veggie garden this month, how my lettuce is coping with temperatures of 40C and upwards.

And as if the chicks arrival wasn't dramatic enough we've had ongoing predator attacks.. and losses.

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Sun Dried Tomatoes

After an increasingly heated discussion on a Facebook group about whether my sun dried tomatoes were shelf stable I decided to do a video about them. My video, my rules and my conclusions. These sun dried tomatoes in oil are not shelf stable. And this is why..

Saving Seed for a Sustainable Future

Why isn't everyone saving Seed? Why do we eagerly throw huge sums of money to the multinational seed companies for mutated vegetables that don't produce their own viable seeds?

Perhaps it's just a bit hard. Or perhaps we haven't yet realised the importance of being truly self reliant. During the early days of the pandemic the garden centre seed stocks were totally depleted. I even had to queue to get on to one seed providers website.  It left me feeling very vulnerable, here I am with the veggie garden all prepped and waiting.. but nothing to sow.

Well.. from now on I'm an avid seed saver!  Join me!

Garden to Table in 15 Minutes

I love it when the garden starts producing. There's something truly satisfying about eating what you have grown yourself. And it tastes so good you are forever spoiled. Even the most expensive supermarket veg cannot compare.

Simple food, simple lunch and we feel like we've eaten a banquet.

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The BEST way to use under ripe Kiwi!

It's very difficult to find a really good, ready to eat kiwi in the supermarket these days. At least that's my experience here in Spain. And so many times I've left an under ripe kiwi in the fruit bowl far too long and missed the optimum time for eating it.  Well, no more. This is what I do with all the hard kiwis from now on.
Kiwi fruit is very popular here in Spain and until recently very cheap too. Since the virus I think all prices are rising so that situation may not last. Anyway, this is my favourite recipe for using kiwis. I hope you enjoy. Oh yes, it also includes my usual complaint about American recipes not being metric 😂 I really should just accept that folks in the USA are simply delightfully quirky. 😳😂🤣
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I Need to Support my Melons

Plus an update on the chicks and a surprising side affect from the hydroponics that I hadn't expected.


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