Can't run a Smallholding without this!

If you're thinking of taking on a Smallholding or trying to be self sufficient and go off grid, then you absolutely need this.  A self sufficient life is challenging at the best of times but having one or more of these skills will help enormously.

Don't forget Technobillies will go off line later this year and the blog will only be available as a Vlog on YouTube so do please subscribe to the channel.  At the moment the short films are being released very quickly, sometimes 2 a week. That's only because this is a busy time of year and with the lockdown I had more time on my hands. I think they will settle down to one a week over time. But they are all fairly short, I aim to keep them under 10 minutes, so perfect watching on your tea break.

Enjoy. And thank you for watching.

Seriously I did try to embed the video but for some reason it wouldn't work. This is another reason why I'm giving up Blogger, it really is pants alot of the time. So, if the URL didn't work for you, please go to YouTube and search for Jane Fincaarte, subscribe to the channel and you will never need to come back to this site again. 😁👏


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