Dinner in the Woodburning Oven

For those who follow my blog it isn't going to be a surprise that I like to cook the old fashioned way.  In fact I like to do most things the old fashioned way but that's a whole other story.. 😁🤣

On the You Tube channel today I am cooking an entire meal from one firing, this is the most economical way to use your pizza or bread oven.  Mostly though, my advice is, don't be afraid of it. Get it fired up and give it a go, you learn by experience.


  1. Hello, long time no see... 😉😎
    Wow, your rolls looked amazing, could almost smell them from here... ✅👏🏻💚
    Great to watch the process of using your pizza oven, you sure seem to have it down to a fine art now... 🤔👍🏻🐍
    Stay safe out there,

    Rog... x

    1. Hello there! Indeed, it has been a long time 😊 So nice to hear from you again. Re the oven, it's a learning curve every time I use it 🤣 but now the warm weather is here it won't get used again until autumn. I hope you can subscribe to the YouTube channel as at the end of this year Technobillies will be retired - permanently 😔 until then I shall be just using it to link to the new medium.. vlogging!

    2. Hi Jane...

      I already subscribed to you utoob channel, many moons ago, and look forward to keeping up with your exploits over there, and over there... :)

      Still sorry to hear the blog is being ‘retired’, but I guess that’s progress...

      R... x


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