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Planting Beer Bottles in the Garden

No, I'm not  trying to grow beer!  I added eggs and green tea too!  It's a bit of an experiment for sure. Watch the video to find out why.

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Dinner in the Woodburning Oven

For those who follow my blog it isn't going to be a surprise that I like to cook the old fashioned way.  In fact I like to do most things the old fashioned way but that's a whole other story.. 😁🤣

On the You Tube channel today I am cooking an entire meal from one firing, this is the most economical way to use your pizza or bread oven.  Mostly though, my advice is, don't be afraid of it. Get it fired up and give it a go, you learn by experience.

Making Nachos following a Spanish Recipe!

You'd have thought that cooking/baking was hard enough without adding to the challenge by following the recipe in a foreign language and filming the whole thing as well.
Clearly it proved a challenge too far!  But having managed to keep the video under 10 minutes I consider it a success. From feedback (yeah, everyone's a critic) I clearly have more to learn 🤣 But I am a fast learner....

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How did we get here?

This is the trailer for our new YouTube channel.  Just click on the video below.  I promise to try and keep the film's short and I will get better at them!

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Technobillies will be closing at the end of the year as it's easier to film than write. I will be giving up the Technobillies URL and all the content here will disappear, I think. Not sure but it's a good guess. So if you do want to keep up with how life is for us here on the finca then you will need to swap over to the Jane Fincaarte YouTube channel.

Beautiful Wild Flower Meadow becomes Hay