Our Corona virus isolation in Spain

We are not sick. We don't know anyone who is sick and there are no positive cases in our village. We hope it stays like this.

Like almost everyone else we thought this was a flu thing. We paid very little heed to it as long as it happened somewhere else.  A few days before Spain went into full lockdown I had an uneasy feeling. We did a panic shop - my version of a panic shop. I checked the pantry and restocked my flour tubs, dried beans and a couple of extra tins of chopped tomatoes.

As soon as the lockdown was announced there was the now characteristic run on toilet paper, dried pasta and meat. Ten days in and Steve went to the supermarket in the village and all the shelves were full, very few customers but all was calm. That's a relief. I have no anxiety about not getting food.

But I have plenty other anxieties. So putting a positive spin on things I am learning a great deal, about myself and about what self sufficiency is all about.

I have never been a Doomsday prepper. I have always believed that self sufficiency was about community and working together with others. I am certain that in some parts of the world there are people battening down the hatches on their survival bunkers and leaving a loaded gun beside the door. They are welcome. That's not the kind of world I want to live in.

Choosing to stay on the finca, sometimes for weeks at a time to get on with tasks, art work or simply to enjoy the beauty and peace of this landscape, was fine when it was my choice. It's so much harder when it's forced upon you - when you feel anxious about elderly relatives or children far away. And although modern technology is indispensable at a time like this, it's no substitute for a hug.

But I'm keeping my nerve. One day at a time. Staying home, staying safe and trying to keep a sense of community, albeit virtual, with family and friends.

We are in this together even though we may be alone. And we will get through it together. Our anxieties and fears may seem like they are very personal but I can assure you that they are shared by so very many people all over the world.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you are safe and know that you may be isolated but you are not alone.


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