Oh My Gosh has it been that long!!!

Huge apologies to faithful readers, I have been incredibly busy and simply neglected the blog. Since last I posted there have been lots of little projects and a visit to the UK as well and then the olive harvest was upon us, Yule festivities and a new year with new plans and projects.

Let me see, August was the last post. Well after that I participated in the opening ceremony for the village fiesta, dressing as a Druid and reciting a piece of text about nature and the deep dark woods. I guess as a whole it made sense. It was enjoyable, if a little nerve wracking.

Then I concentrated on getting ready for my youngest daughter's wedding in Yorkshire. I made a coat, and a suit, and a waistcoat for Steve, and I felted a hat and knit a new scarf and gloves. I also made a large fascinator/hat thingy.. milinery is not easy but is definitely cheaper than buying a new hat. The wedding was huge fun and a great day and Yorkshire was fabulous, loved it there.

All good things come to an end, so home we came and within a few days began the olive harvest. Not such a good year, too little rain and many trees simply did not fruit.

The harvest was interrupted, as always, by our Yule feast. We had our two excess cockerels in a coq au vin.. which was delicious, though I say so myself!

New Year came - happy new year, one and all. And with it the annual assessment of how things are going. The answer is, sort of in the right direction.

 We need to be more eco friendly, we get too easily restricted into wasteful and lazy practices. It's hard to steer clear of plastics from the supermarket and although we buy very little new clothes, we don't recycle enough of our old ones, I mean we do put them into the community recycling bins but have recently learned that not all these clothes get recycled.. a lot of it ends up as landfill in a 3rd world country. That's just passing our problems onto someone else.

So.. this year will be very much focused on reducing the recycling that leaves the Finca and getting to grips with the huge stash of fabrics and wool that I have already. That means using it purposefully.  I have also been working on some textile art that I would like to show in an exhibition but have been a bit overoptimistic about how quickly I can finish it.. perhaps that's for 2021. 

We have plans to bring the veggie plot back to life and having found a source of good horse manure are hopeful that we can at last grow some vegetables worth bragging about. We want to plant more fruit trees and we definitely want to include oranges and lemons in that.  Our first volunteers of 2020 arrive mid February and we are looking forward to getting some stuff done! Sometimes you just need help with things 😁.

And Steve is starting to explore a more creative side with a venture into working with some olive wood cuttings. 

Sorry once again for the long silence, I hope you didn't think the worst. All is well and seems set to continue. I hope you're all still there and haven't given up on us. 😊


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