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Oh My Gosh has it been that long!!!

Huge apologies to faithful readers, I have been incredibly busy and simply neglected the blog. Since last I posted there have been lots of little projects and a visit to the UK as well and then the olive harvest was upon us, Yule festivities and a new year with new plans and projects. Let me see, August was the last post. Well after that I participated in the opening ceremony for the village fiesta, dressing as a Druid and reciting a piece of text about nature and the deep dark woods. I guess as a whole it made sense. It was enjoyable, if a little nerve wracking. Then I concentrated on getting ready for my youngest daughter's wedding in Yorkshire. I made a coat, and a suit, and a waistcoat for Steve, and I felted a hat and knit a new scarf and gloves. I also made a large fascinator/hat thingy.. milinery is not easy but is definitely cheaper than buying a new hat. The wedding was huge fun and a great day and Yorkshire was fabulous, loved it there. All good things co