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A Time of Breakdowns

We've had a spate of breakdowns over the past few weeks, not personal ones thank goodness, but equipment and machines. Now Steve is an excellent engineer and is relied upon to fix just about everything mechanical that we have but sometimes things come to their natural end. The automatic washing machine is kaput. It was an expensive purchase about 7 years ago, that we expected to keep going for at least another 7 years! Our previous Hotpoint lasted 20 years with various small repairs over time. So we were very disappointed with the expensive Bosch giving up the ghost so soon. The trouble? The spider was corroded and snapped. A replacement is only available to purchase along with a new drum making it prohibitively expensive. If it had been a Hotpoint we could of replaced the spider for £30 + postage. So there is something to think on, the more expensive model is not necessarily the best. So how am I washing our clothes? I have a small twin tub at the casita which I use f