On Patience

I remember distinctly my mother proclaiming that I wasn't a patient person and predicting my downfall because of it. Well! Who knows you better than your mother right? Well she was wrong! Not about me being impatient, I am at heart a very impatient person, but about it being my downfall - it isn't. It wasn't and it will never be.

Because, you see, although I am not very patient by nature I can BE patient when required. Life requires patience from time to time and you are given no choice. You can wail and stamp your feet (physically and/or metaphorically) but ultimately you have to wait and tantrums are boring and not always productive so what can you do? The skill of patience is acquired and as life goes on even an impatient person can get good at it.

And so. 6 months after our phenomenal efforts with the olive harvest, our new cooker, the real fruits of our labour, is finally installed in our kitchen.

After the harvest we waited 6 or 7 weeks until we got paid. That was the end of March. Then we trawled through the internet to find the cooker that most met our needs, then it was purchased and delivered to our son in Wiltshire. There it was checked and then sat for three months, providing a good vantage point and snoozing spot for my son's cats.

3 months later my son's neighbour, who has a house in Madrid was making a regular trip to Spain with a van load of goodies and very kindly included our cooker among his treasures.

The cooker arrives in Spain and waits another week while we plan our road trip to Madrid. It's a 3 hour drive there and back, so Fergus has to be farmed out to a dog sitter before we set off - basically it's a day trip.

Finally the cooker arrives at Finca La Reina but then has to wait another day until we can get help from a friend to unload it from the car.

At last it is installed. And I vow to clean it carefully and  thoroughly after  every use and not skip cleaning the oven (as you do) for any reason whatsoever.  I am of course overjoyed. As I would have been if it had been delivered immediately. But there is a depth of appreciation to my joy that would not have been there had I received the instant gratification of a timely delivery.

This feeling is more like a slow burning warmth that spreads from the centre of my being.. I can't describe it adequately for you but it's long lasting and very enjoyable. And I'm sure all you patient-by-nature people out there will be familiar with it. Perhaps so used to it you hardly notice anymore. Not me, I waited so long for this, calmly, patiently, serenely.. and now I have my reward and it's AWESOME!!

And the icing on the cake? Our old cooker (the recipient of so many curses and unkind thoughts), too good to be scrapped but not good enough to sell,  has been given away to someone who is overjoyed to have it and will clean it properly and love it like I never did. Isn't it great when things work out. 🤩


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