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Why Retire to Somewhere Quiet?

I get asked this alot. More specifically, why here? The location is only important to me. The idea of Retirement to my generation was always, a quieter life, putting your feet up, having time to do what you never had time for before.  The location is simply somewhere where you can do all of the above. On a personal note, after many years of stressful work, home and children juggling I really just looked for a little more of a selfish life. Part of my ideal retirement involved ignoring all the bad news of what's going on in the world. And for the last six years it's worked, mostly.  I found that if I simply did not read or listen to the news of what's happening in the UK or USA or EU.. life bimbled along nicely and I rarely felt stressed, anxious or worried about the future. Of course occasionally momentous news events would make their way through and I would have to deal with things. Like the climate crises. That's depressing - but the one glimmer of

On Patience

I remember distinctly my mother proclaiming that I wasn't a patient person and predicting my downfall because of it. Well! Who knows you better than your mother right? Well she was wrong! Not about me being impatient, I am at heart a very impatient person, but about it being my downfall - it isn't. It wasn't and it will never be. Because, you see, although I am not very patient by nature I can BE patient when required. Life requires patience from time to time and you are given no choice. You can wail and stamp your feet (physically and/or metaphorically) but ultimately you have to wait and tantrums are boring and not always productive so what can you do? The skill of patience is acquired and as life goes on even an impatient person can get good at it. And so. 6 months after our phenomenal efforts with the olive harvest, our new cooker, the real fruits of our labour, is finally installed in our kitchen. After the harvest we waited 6 or 7 weeks until we got paid