Harness and focus..

Of late I have been really working on alot of art projects. Did you notice that no one wanted my felted bag giveaway from a couple of posts back? Embarrassing? No, not at all - It made me refocus.. if I can't give it away then there is definitely something lacking in it. Not to let the bag go to waste I have repurposed it by transforming it into something totally different.. as I did with another two bags of similar construction.

So what did they become?

These are called 'inchies' and 'twinchies' because they are one Inch and two inch tiles.  It's only when you see exactly how small one inch is, that you begin to appreciate how tricky it might be to embellish them.  But overall this is a fairly quick art form.. with pretty immediate gratification which is often just a way of distracting yourself from a more involved and longer term project.

I do alot of this.  I can get quite frantic producing loads of quick fix projects in a very short amount of time before taking time off, totally spent creatively, and looking for a simple plain knitted project to occupy my hands while I recuperate. You see I can't ever do nothing.  There is usually at least three or four projects on the go at the same time. I often work on several simultaneously to avert boredom.. some parts of making textile art are monotonous and mundane.. and sometimes you need to step back from something and give it a little breathing space. This is often the case when I feel that to go any further would be to spoil it or take it down the wrong direction.

This was the case with Steve's Shirt. A repurposing of a beloved but stained dress shirt, veteran of many many summer balls, dances and celebrations. This embroidery project started 20 years ago. And now... Just waiting on a frame! I don't usually leave things 20 years but often I have stuff knocking about for a year or two before they are finally complete.  I often feel that I need to focus better.. but how to do this isn't easy..

For example, I was searching online for some interesting embroidery stitches and came across pictures of 'inchies', that started me off making them... 3 pictures worth later I decided to try machine embroidered ones but found that an inch was simply too small. I upped the size to two inches before finding that 2 inch decorated tiles are also a thing.

With another tile picture half finished I saw a brooch of a moth online and simply had to make one myself... You can see how it progresses.. what I think of as a lack of focus has produced a huge amount of creative stuff in a very short time.

In an effort to improve and progress in my artistic journey, I have decided to try and stick to a theme and make whatever I fancy so long as it can relate to that topic. In this way I will be hopefully exploring in a meaningful direction and possibly produce some better researched and more deliberate art work with a view to perhaps showing some of it at some point in the future. Sort of a collection.  I am not going to reveal quite yet what the topic I've chosen is. I want to see how it develops first. I'm also hoping that it will reveal to me 'my style'. Most artists can be recognised by a particular style or topic or focus in their work... I am enthused by so many different things I don't recognise a style of my own. Yet. I have come to this late in life and perhaps it will come with time...


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