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Harness and focus..

Of late I have been really working on alot of art projects. Did you notice that no one wanted my felted bag giveaway from a couple of posts back? Embarrassing? No, not at all - It made me refocus.. if I can't give it away then there is definitely something lacking in it. Not to let the bag go to waste I have repurposed it by transforming it into something totally different.. as I did with another two bags of similar construction. So what did they become? These are called 'inchies' and 'twinchies' because they are one Inch and two inch tiles.  It's only when you see exactly how small one inch is, that you begin to appreciate how tricky it might be to embellish them.  But overall this is a fairly quick art form.. with pretty immediate gratification which is often just a way of distracting yourself from a more involved and longer term project. I do alot of this.  I can get quite frantic producing loads of quick fix projects in a very short amount of


When I was a young woman I had a very good friend, she was 30 years older than me but we both enjoyed creating with textiles and the age difference between us melted away as we became engrossed in conversation about our latest projects. Flo was energetic and indefatigable. I remember once her husband went to work in the morning and she set to decorating the lounge. She took all the paintings off the wall, moved the furniture and with the help of stepladders (she was only just 5 foot tall) she repainted the ceiling and walls, in the same clean white colour as before. And had all the furniture and paintings  back in place before her husband returned home from work in the evening. She made pill box hats by hand and wore them with little French jackets and every year on her wedding anniversary she would wear the same lace blouse (now very threadbare indeed) that she wore on her wedding day and go to a restaurant with her husband, him sporting his wedding tie. Eventually I moved away a