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Sew Lovely

Some time ago, a long time ago. I posted about some beautiful fabric my cousin sent me from Scotland. At first I was terrified of doing anything with it.  I would bring it out of the cupboard and pet it once in a while, or browse through the patterns I own and then gaze lovingly once again at the fabric.  But for the longest time I couldn't get past that. Well finally. I chose the pattern and set to with gusto! Et voila... I made a coat.  I've never made a coat before. I am so delighted with how it turned out that I felted a grey beret to go with it.  The beret didn't turn out quite the right colour so I will do another one in a contrast colour.  But you know it takes a very long time to do a beret, especially, if like me, you are starting from the wool direct from the sheep. And it's the first hat I've made! Then I turned to the rest of the fabric.  it's a beautiful tweed and a coordinating brown wool.  It would be perfect for a jack