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The story so far

It's been so long I can't actually remember everything that has happened since I last posted. But I will try. The Olive Harvest came and went, we did very well.  but alas the price was 37 cents a kg so our monetary gain was very poor.  It is just enough to purchase the swish new cooker I have my eyes on.  but this is a slow process. The cooker will be purchased in the UK, delivered to my son who will store it for a while (time unknown?) until his neighbours who have a house in Madrid which they are renovating decide to load up a van full of goodies and drive to Spain.  We will then collect the cooker from them in Madrid and bring it home.  I feel like it's Little House on the Prairie and I have to await the arrival of the next wagon train west.  Patience not being my strong point this is a challenge. I had planned to get cracking on my Fig Recipe Book which I hope to publish this year but then I was asked to participate in the celebrations for International Women&#

Huge Apologies

Its been ages since I posted.  Firstly life got busy... secondly Blogger started playing silly buggers and wouldn't let me in... several days of wrangling with Google over passwords and correct identities followed, during which time life got even busier and so the whole thing was put to one side while the real world was dealt with. Three weeks have passed and so I decided it was time to get back on the case.  I tried for one last time to log into Blogger as I used to, just in case, and voila.... its as if nothing had happened at all! Grrrrr. Oh well.  A proper post will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow.  I haven't forgotten the request for the walnut and lentil loaf recipe... that too shall manifest itself shortly.  Along with what happened for International Womens Day... more volunteers and how spring is shaping up on the finca.  Thank you for your patience.