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It Doesn't Have to be Meat

Around about us some people are still harvesting olives, I wonder why we rushed so, but it's how we always do it - like we have a deadline. So much pressure  And we still don't know if we can afford the cooker we want. Patience. We had a couple of Dutch volunteers for ten days and they helped Steve make a serious dent in the pruning of some of the olives. They were nice people too so it was very pleasant hosting them. Having two extra very hungry mouths to feed gave me an excuse to play with the bread oven again. This winter I've used it fairly regularly and I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing . In our 'turn a knob' or 'flick a switch' society we have mostly forgotten about how to cook with fire. In fact someone mentioned to me about cooking with fire being dirty and I wasn't really quick enough to refute them but in my limited experience I've found it quite the opposite . Look at how clean the oven looks, you wouldn