The Joy of Olives!

Our olive harvest started late this year. Not our fault at all. The Cooperative has not been able to find a single buyer for the entire harvest (at a price they were happy with) so they delayed hugely. The whole thing usually gets underway around the 9th December. This year we began on 24th December. Thankfully we had not secured any volunteers this year or they would have been twiddling their thumbs.

Anyway. Christmas eve came and we were off! I made a series of short (the longest is about 5 mins) films that show the whole process from start to finish . Bear in mind that I don't have any editing equipment, am filming with my phone and don't work to a script. It's one shot, for better or worse ☺️

Part 1.

As you can see the weather was kind. Thank goodness  its a hard enough job when it's nice never mind having to cope with rain or fog.

Part 2.

The whole harvest took us three weeks, although we only worked 13 full days, the rest was taking time off for R & R, or for other chores such as shopping, house cleaning and sadly a funeral.

Part 3.

I have tried to cover all the various questions that we get asked about the harvest but inevitably I will have missed some. This is our 5th harvest and its all become a little commonplace for us. Not so much that we don't take time to notice the little things.

We finished the harvest yesterday, collapsed on the sofa with a glass of wine and contemplated what comes next. Usually a good spring clean - no one feels much like housework when you're this tired but a grubby house is guaranteed to make you feel less relaxed so after a days rest it will probably be full on housecleaning.

Next time I'll show you the final drop off of Olives and share the grand total.


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