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Hail The Light

I know some of you will have wondered where I was with such a long absence of posts. I am still here, I am still suffering a bit since the fog and grey skies have persisted, but in general all is well. This has been a very different winter so far from our previous four here in Spain.  Our Yule celebrations in the past have been outside on the veranda in the sunshine, this year we held the feast indoors but to complicate things and to give myself a challenge I decided to cook it all in the wood burning oven and BBQ. It’s been a long term goal of mine to perfect the art of cooking with fire. I am always in awe of the skills mastered by our forebears and always a bit contemptuous of people saying things like ‘you couldn’t do that nowadays’.  So a feast was planned, executed and completed more or less successfully. I have always been  aware of the truth in Mrs Beaton’s statement about the similarity between a General preparing for battle and a woman planning a special dinner.  B