Off to Work

We are retired, so there is never any intention of doing too much work. Of course sometimes we work very hard, during olive harvest of course, and sometimes when we are anxious to get something finished. Did I say finished? Nothing is ever really finished, it's all a work in progress. We hope there are still jobs to be done when we finally push off ... you know, the FINAL push off.

I received a small(ish) semi automatic washing machine for my birthday. Strange gift you might think but it's what I wanted. It's to be used for washing fleece. We set it up down at the Casita, and while we are not entertaining guests, it's the perfect place to turn into a fleece workshop.

Every morning after breakfast I set off to 'work'. The first wash is a simple soak in super hot water, no detergent. It's beyond dirty..

While it's having a nice long soak I get on with a bit of knitting. Someone else likes my knitting too.

It takes sometimes 3 or 4 soaks in hot water and detergent followed by 4 or 5 rinses. Without the machine it's really hard work. I never actually run the wash sequence, the fleece only soaks (danger of felting if too much agitation is involved). But it drains away the lanolin rich, dirty water out on to the finca so no danger of clogging pipes with congealing lanolin.

The whole Casita, and the pump for the water (which comes from our own well) is run on solar power.  That includes the heating of the water so the whole process is as eco friendly as I can make it.

There is all the necessary things needed including the wherewithal to make tea. So tea break is spent just admiring the view.

And by lunch time I usually call it a day and go home. What can I say, it's a part time job!


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