She was a very Good Cat.

We wish her an eternity filled with defrosting chicken in flimsy plastic and lots of slow moving mice.

In the end I used the basket - it reminded me of Inca funerary containers with mummified remains inside.

Her grave marker is also plastic - the wind makes the paw move. When the weather takes its toll and it starts to fall to bits we will recycle it and replace it with a glass or china statue. It’s just that the little happy cat is very much how we felt about her.

The rest of the animals were very aware of the situation and at the end they avoided her, all apart from one. Not her litter mate but a cat we acquired at the same time as her. We allowed him to sniff the body so he knows what happened to her. The only one to come to the internment was Clyde. He followed us up the hill crying. It was fitting.

It will take us a while to get back to normal.


  1. Very sweet sendoff for a beloved friend. You did well by her.

  2. I am very sad for your loss, the shadow side of the delightful companionship of animals. Peace.


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