My electric combi oven broke. It has been such a great oven and so useful over the past few years that I feel bereft without it.

We have this thing.

But it too is broken. Not entirely but so difficult to manage that it's hardly worth using. In the UK we expect a certain standard from a cooker. I've discovered that our standard is very high by comparison to what is considered an acceptable norm here in Spain. It is worth noting for anyone contemplating a move over here.. Spanish cookers are basic and when they look fancy they are just basic with knobs on! Literally.

So until I can safely light the pizza oven again (temperatures are over 40C at the moment) we will not be having, cake, fresh bread or roast dinners. This is a double blow since I have just started off a new sour dough 'mother' and yesterday's oven catastrophe occurred while waiting to bake the first sour dough rolls.

I did manage to make them edible in the gas oven but it was not a good test of what was a new recipe. So for now I shall continue to feed the sour dough starter but will only be able to use it for flatbreads cooked on a griddle or pancakes.. apparently you can make a 'beer-like' non alcoholic beverage from it too.. this has piqued my interest somewhat.. watch this space. There's a recipe here if you fancy trying it.

So, why don't I just go and buy a new cooker I hear you ask? We had plans to spend the next season's olive harvest money on sourcing a very good quality cooker from the UK and having it sent over but not wanting to count our chickens (who knows how good the harvest will be?) we haven't been shouting much about it. Meanwhile life has organised for me to improve my efficiency with the bread oven for which I am going to be grateful. Once I have finished mourning my combi oven. 😥


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