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How We Are

It's been a little while since I wrote a post. It's not that nothing has happened it's more that nothing startling has happened. And life is mostly like this isn't it? It's probably what we aim for, after all there could be nothing worse than living in a constant state of excitement, anxiety or intrigue like a soap opera. Summer has been cooler this year, super intense heat one day followed by a cool day the next. We are not complaining. Whatever weather we get here we are grateful. It's a lovely place to live and we try to enjoy every aspect of it. You know the adage about life giving you lemons and making lemonade, well we add lemon marmalade, lemon pancakes and lemon curd on top of that because we really want to make the most of every single day. My creative pursuits wax and wane with the moon - literally! I have been noticing an increase in fibre art as the moon approaches fullness then a few days of not even picking up a needle and thread befo