Thursday, 24 May 2018

Mowing Time

It's time to mow the lawn. Actually it's well past time but if you tackle it too soon then it grows again very quickly and you have all that work to do again.

The trick is to cut it just as the intense summer heat begins and then you can ignore it until after the autumn rains, last year the fall rain didn't come and we didn't have very much grass at all.

This year we started the Big Mow and then it rained. The machine doesn't work with wet grass so it's been very much a stop and start affair.

The rain is most welcome even if it's frustrating the Mower in the family.

Our flowers are nearly gone, swamped by the advancing grasses. Although the grass has a beauty of it's own it invokes a certain anxiety connected with forest fires.

The water meadow has sprouted a low growing convolvulus type flower which is really pretty.

Some of our neighbours who invariably run a harrow through their Finca twice a year have been taken over by a hardy little blue clover-like plant. From a distance it looks like a haze of blue beneath the olives, which are in bloom at the moment too.

Altogether it's a a very photogenic time of year. If you can cope with the pollen that is! Big sales in antihistamines at this time of year.

This may look extreme but needs must - I might add that I also take antihistamines. Who knew?? We don't have olives in the UK - such a surprise that the blossoms are so troublesome. At the moment they are prolific and fall like snow with the slightest of movements.

Even with a blocked nose and itchy eyes it s plain to see how beautiful this place is.

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