Friday, 18 May 2018

A Vicious Circle

Having established that I need money to launch my new project what happens? Tooth ache followed by a totally different tooth simply disintegrating leaving horrid jagged edges.

Now my Sanitas health cover will pay for checkups and a yearly clean but on investigation the treatment I need is cheaper than the insurance excess charge so it's more prudent to simply pay for it...

So initially a whopping 105 euros to rebuild the crumbled tooth - with the warning that it will be forever fragile and the only other option is to take it out. 😶 Antibiotics have sorted the toothache but root canal work is scheduled for June.. that's more money.

This is the way it is. We feel like we are rich because we live in such a beautiful place and we have a lifestyle we want, mostly doing just whatever we want, but the reality is that we are on a fixed budget and over the past year or so we have slowly taken our eyes off the ball.

So it's time to pull in the horns a bit. This shouldn't be too onerous. If we focus on the important stuff, after all, the best things in life are free right?

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