The Spring Clean

Every year around about this time I do an old fashioned spring clean. Corners are cleaned, little used areas inspected for unwanted visitors (of the insect variety), curtains washed and even cupboards emptied and cleaned.

This year the spring clean has included reupholstering the outdoor dining chairs and changing the curtains in the outdoor kitchen.

As the weather starts to warm up the outdoor space becomes our main living area and the door to the house stays open all day.

With the door open the house is soon dusty again but I'm not too worried about this. If it has been thoroughly cleaned then a little dust isn't going to worry me too much.

Except that we are poised for visitors and we'd like them to get a good impression of the place. So it's been spring cleaning plus!!! The plus has included the garden.

New shrubs and flowering plants are poised to be transplanted - hoping they do well, it's never easy here. Basically my rule of thumb is to give everything as much shade as possible.

We are including the veggie plot in with the spring clean. The winter veg was a bit of a disappointment due to lack of rain. But we have bought an array of summer veg - tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, squash and lettuce. I also have alot of cotton to plant this year.

We love having visitors but we can hardly fit them in with all the work still to be done.  Since spring arrived we have also had another hen turn broody. Our last little batch of three chicks turned out to be all hens (hooray) and so we decided to move broody hen to the maternity wing and give her half a dozen eggs this time. She sat for a day then turfed all the eggs out of the nest and gave up.  Now she is bopping about making broody noises but showing no inclination to sit on any eggs.

And so the rythm of the seasons continues and we are never bored and seldom discontented.


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