Animals Matter

We have oodles of space here. Plenty room for lots of animals, should we choose to have them. And before we got here our dream life was going to be shared with geese, ducks, turkeys and pigs as well as our pets. Two dogs figured in the dream as well.

Our experience with the geese pretty much put us off large domestic fowl. The turkeys have never materialised.

We have been breeding our own hens with the intention of using the males as meat and only keeping sufficient hens for our egg needs. Our last brood of chicks were all hens (how lucky was that) but then we had two hens die for no apparent reason. This happens sometimes. One minute they are fine the next they're dead. The flock is now a manageable 7 hens and the cockerel.

We never intended having 5 cats. It's way too many. Yes we have space but in winter when it rains they want to stay in the house and the house is small. This resulted in instances of bullying and floor wetting and defecation in the shower. This is not fun for us.

At last the better weather has arrived and the cats spend more time outside. Then the eldest cat was attacked by something (probably a strange cat) and the trip to the vets was very expensive. Not to mention time consuming and awkward on a daily basis trying to administer antibiotics in food to just one cat. There was barely a pause between that ones recovery and the next coming down with cystitis - a male cat??? WTF?? The evidence of this was urinating in tiny puddles almost everywhere he went. On  the table, on my lap, on floor, rug etc. It also coincided with guests staying.

More antibiotics and analgesic followed. Cue the next cat which started exhibiting symptoms of fever and what we thought was a bite at the base of his tail. Turns out this is a rare case of perianal fistula in cats. (Dont go there!) We are now administering more antibiotics and applying cream to the cats bum!

Our beloved Fergus is doing well. Now receiving daily medication for his Cushing's disease and responding well. He will be 12 this summer. That's quite old for his breed. Today the vet tells us he is showing early signs of cataracts, sort of the pre cataract stage. We knew he was losing his sight for some time but luckily for dogs their noses and ears are much more important to them.

Our kitchen is starting to resemble a pharmacy and we are on bread and water for the next month. The vet, I believe, is contemplating an exotic holiday.


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