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Animals Matter

We have oodles of space here. Plenty room for lots of animals, should we choose to have them. And before we got here our dream life was going to be shared with geese, ducks, turkeys and pigs as well as our pets. Two dogs figured in the dream as well. Our experience with the geese pretty much put us off large domestic fowl. The turkeys have never materialised. We have been breeding our own hens with the intention of using the males as meat and only keeping sufficient hens for our egg needs. Our last brood of chicks were all hens (how lucky was that) but then we had two hens die for no apparent reason. This happens sometimes. One minute they are fine the next they're dead. The flock is now a manageable 7 hens and the cockerel. We never intended having 5 cats. It's way too many. Yes we have space but in winter when it rains they want to stay in the house and the house is small. This resulted in instances of bullying and floor wetting and defecation in the shower. Th

The Spring Clean

Every year around about this time I do an old fashioned spring clean. Corners are cleaned, little used areas inspected for unwanted visitors (of the insect variety), curtains washed and even cupboards emptied and cleaned. This year the spring clean has included reupholstering the outdoor dining chairs and changing the curtains in the outdoor kitchen. As the weather starts to warm up the outdoor space becomes our main living area and the door to the house stays open all day. With the door open the house is soon dusty again but I'm not too worried about this. If it has been thoroughly cleaned then a little dust isn't going to worry me too much. Except that we are poised for visitors and we'd like them to get a good impression of the place. So it's been spring cleaning plus!!! The plus has included the garden. New shrubs and flowering plants are poised to be transplanted - hoping they do well, it's never easy here. Basically my rule of thu