Acrylic Yarn Puzzle

I gave the sewing room a quick tidy and yet again was reminded that I have a large bag of acrylic yarn, some of it quite pleasant stuff, that needs a purpose. It has to be used rather than thrown or given away because

1.  I purchased it, although cheap it's a terrible waste of money to not use it.
2.  It can't simply be passed on because that would be a case of giving my problem to someone else, (someone who might use it for a frequently washed article).
3.  It can only be used for an item that doesn't need much washing because it is essentially plastic and will shed microfilaments during washing.

So. I initially thought perhaps a blanket. Or blanket squares. But I've already got a half finished acrylic blanket made up of squares - now put to use in the cats basket. I don't really want to do any more as it was very boring.

Then I thought toys? Knitted animals or dolls. Mmmmmmmm yes, I might do that.  Or household items.. cushion covers? Mmmmmmmm too prone to get dirty and in truth I don't want acrylic household items.  I guess I don't actually want to use it at all but here I am, stuck with it. It doesn't biodegrade so I don't really want it in the garden. I've put some of my exhibition art work in the garden. Slowly over time it will return to nature. I like that, the acrylic stuff is so out of place now.

Then I had a thought. Why not just burn it? I hate it, I don't want it, I don't think anyone should have it so why not? Is there a good reason not to burn it? Any thoughts? Oh yeah it cost me money, would I burn money? Well I'd have a hard job burning the new British tenners - they're plastic! They feel like plastic 😐. So here I am back full circle with a large bag of acrylic yarn. Help.


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