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Edinburgh Knit Fest 2018

There were a number of reasons for my return visit to Scotland, one of the most exciting was the Edinburgh Knitfest. Since knitting became the cool and trendy favourite pastime of the young - EYF has to be one (if not THE) trendiest of events in the UK knitting calendar and I was really looking forward to being on the crest of the coolness wave for a change. My usual place is treading water in the rock pool after the wave has receded and the tide is barely a line of blue in the distance. You don't believe knitting is cool!? Well try this little snippet featuring the lady I saw on the bus going to the event. I was sat at the back of the bus anxiously watching for signposts or clues about where to get off when I began to notice a large number of hand knitted hats and scarves dotted about the bus and stood at the front, a lady with turquoise hair who filmed us all and then asked all the hand knitters on the bus to raise a hand. It seemed like the entire bottom deck of the bus

Acrylic Yarn Puzzle

I gave the sewing room a quick tidy and yet again was reminded that I have a large bag of acrylic yarn, some of it quite pleasant stuff, that needs a purpose. It has to be used rather than thrown or given away because 1.  I purchased it, although cheap it's a terrible waste of money to not use it. 2.  It can't simply be passed on because that would be a case of giving my problem to someone else, (someone who might use it for a frequently washed article). 3.  It can only be used for an item that doesn't need much washing because it is essentially plastic and will shed microfilaments during washing. So. I initially thought perhaps a blanket. Or blanket squares. But I've already got a half finished acrylic blanket made up of squares - now put to use in the cats basket. I don't really want to do any more as it was very boring. Then I thought toys? Knitted animals or dolls. Mmmmmmmm yes, I might do that.  Or household items.. cushion covers? Mmmmmmmm too p