Now Here's an interesting Thing

As my regular readers will know I  have a passion for spinning fibres. Well I came across a startup project that piqued my interest. Check out to see for yourself.

Intrepid travellers are going to be producing Mongolian Yak, Cashmere and Camel wool for hand knitters.  I have a husband who, a few years ago now, trekked to Everest Base Camp and has ever since had a fondness for the curious beast that is the Yak. The under belly fibre of the Yak is famed worldwide for it's softness and so I decided to give 18$ to this start up in return for 100g Yak wool in September. I had plans to make the man a hat.

All well and good until I realised that the postage on 100g of wool was going to be 16$.  That makes my 100g ball of wool just too expensive.  So I have questions,  Postage from where? One assumes Mongolia? This has stopped me from participating in what I thought was a good thing. But is it a good thing?

Does this postage cost really reflect the cost of shipping a ball of wool from Mongolia? Is it so high because of the mileage and fuel involved? One assumes so. In that case I am forced to look closer to home for my fibres and knitting wool. Still trying to avoid huge commercial operations of course.

So, it's back to the local wool that I process myself. Because the local fleece is not the softest stuff perhaps I can source something more luxurious when I travel to Scotland next month - without even knowing it beforehand it turns out I shall be in Edinburgh at the same time as the Edinburgh Knitfest is occurring. Serendipity indeed!


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