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Its December, and out comes the old clichés, where did the year go? But seriously, where did it go? This isn't a round up of the entire year but things have progressed on the Finca over the past couple of months and I haven't updated you.

We had two very hard working volunteers from the Basque country, who with Steve's help cleared an area of the farm we have never managed to harvest (olives) before. Since we have had a very dry year a lot of the olives are very small so these extra trees are very welcome.

As for the dry year.. Yes its quite serious. Our neighbour who had previously diverted the water channel through our wall has dug a well - its a dry well at present - on finding no water as his JCB dug for several metres down he came and asked if he could put another smaller pipe through our wall to try and get some of the diverted rainwater back.

 Its neither here nor there at the moment since the channel is dry anyway.  We did have rain but too little, too late.

Our three little chicks are growing. Mummy hen is just about to abandon them to their own devices. We still don't know if they are girls or boys. Meanwhile egg production by the rest of the hens is down to one a day. This is pretty awful and we should be culling and investing in new hens but we seem to only talk about it.

In august we planted 15 saffron crocus as an experiment. They popped up at the end of November and we had our first saffron harvest!

I read on the internet that about 250 bulbs are required to provide a years supply for an average family. We may get one paella out of this.

The casita is pretty much winter ready. A start has been made on cladding the outside wall and a wood burning stove has been installed. Our first winter volunteer arrives in a week to test it out for us and help with the olive harvest too of course.

My art exhibition is almost ready. There have been lots of frustrations connected with the cultural differences in organisational skills but it does seem to be coming together.

I personally have had an artistic tantrum or two. But I'm nearly ready to begin installing my work, just waiting for the lighting to be put into my display rooms. The kickoff date is 14th December at 5:30pm, you are of course all invited.

It is cold. We have had a light frost the last few mornings and out of the sunshine its feeling very chilly. The winter rugs are down and the winter duvet on the bed. And of course now we are missing the summer heat.. But still hoping that January is very very wet. We don't enjoy the rain but we need it. We do enjoy winter stews and hearty soups and there is going to be lots of that over the next few weeks! I will try and find time to post about the art exhibition when it happens, it might just be pictures but hey, it's art, who needs words!


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