Olive Harvest and Yule Celebrations

We stopped the harvest mid way to enjoy some Yule festivities on the shortest day of the year. It was great fun, good food, good company and good weather too. A day to be thankful for our many blessings.

Our olive harvest volunteer was here for ten days but had to leave before the celebrations to meet with family in Madrid. He helped enormously and was great fun too.

We finished the lower finca today and took the afternoon off before we start on the upper finca tomorrow. We had initially decided to ditch Christmas since we don't have visitors and there are still so many trees to do but now we think we shall take the day off as our children will likely want to Skype on the day.

I took a short bit of film of the olive drop off point at the Co-op. The noise is the machinery. We are in the queue to offload our trailer-full but I couldn't film us since I am needed to help when it's our turn. I dislike this part of the process, too much testosterone for my comfort levels, and too many people staring at me like I have two heads! But it's a fascinating machine.  The olives are tipped down through the grills where they are weighed - the leaves and debris being sorted out on conveyor belts that jump and shimmy the olives about. The olives end up in a big hopper (which I managed to miss off the film) and the debris goes into a lorry which when full carts the twigs off for shredding and composting.

We have gathered 1,224 kgs so far. I usually like to be done by Christmas day but this year the goal is New Year. We have new Volunteers arriving in January and it will be nice to begin the year with a new project: the clearing of the old succulents from the Casita BBQ area so that planting can begin in the spring. Of course things don't always go to plan, and that's ok, it's just if we don't plan we don't get as much done!

So before we begin again with the olives and while I have these few moments of peace and quiet I'd like to wish all my family, friends and followers of the blog a very merry festive season and a new year filled with hope and expectations! See you in 2018!


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