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No Crystal Ball

Looking back on my prediction for a lean harvest due to lack of water, heavy pruning last year and just the inexplicable whim of mother nature - well, how wrong was I?! Firstly I wanted it all done and dusted by the 21st - our Yule celebration, that didn't happen. Then I said we should finish by Christmas day, that didn't happen. Then I declared longer working hours and finishing by New Year... There's a trend here. Yes you are quite right, that isn't going to happen.  So now I've predicted another weeks worth of  work but I suspect that if we don't really pull out all the stops we may still have olives on the trees after that. Clearly I am no gypsy fortune teller.  This is probably about as hard as we work on the finca. It's usually only 2 -3 weeks intensive back breaking slog and it's done. This year is different. We had help to start with but because I was doing arty stuff and cooking that meant there was still only 2 people doing the olive

Olive Harvest and Yule Celebrations

We stopped the harvest mid way to enjoy some Yule festivities on the shortest day of the year. It was great fun, good food, good company and good weather too. A day to be thankful for our many blessings. Our olive harvest volunteer was here for ten days but had to leave before the celebrations to meet with family in Madrid. He helped enormously and was great fun too. We finished the lower finca today and took the afternoon off before we start on the upper finca tomorrow. We had initially decided to ditch Christmas since we don't have visitors and there are still so many trees to do but now we think we shall take the day off as our children will likely want to Skype on the day. I took a short bit of film of the olive drop off point at the Co-op. The noise is the machinery. We are in the queue to offload our trailer-full but I couldn't film us since I am needed to help when it's our turn. I dislike this part of the process, too much testosterone for my comfort

Art Art Art

It would appear to have been a success. However I don't think I will do it again. It taxed my Spanish to the limit and was just too subtle as far as any kind of statement or message was concerned. But there we go. I did it and am pleased that I did. Now I am very much looking forward to making something for me. Something colourful perhaps.. mmmmmmmm. I am going to enjoy thinking more on this. Planning is often a very enjoyable part of the process.. it was certainly the most enjoyable part of the art exhibition!

Up to Date

Its December, and out comes the old clichés, where did the year go? But seriously, where did it go? This isn't a round up of the entire year but things have progressed on the Finca over the past couple of months and I haven't updated you. We had two very hard working volunteers from the Basque country, who with Steve's help cleared an area of the farm we have never managed to harvest (olives) before. Since we have had a very dry year a lot of the olives are very small so these extra trees are very welcome. As for the dry year.. Yes its quite serious. Our neighbour who had previously diverted the water channel through our wall has dug a well - its a dry well at present - on finding no water as his JCB dug for several metres down he came and asked if he could put another smaller pipe through our wall to try and get some of the diverted rainwater back.  Its neither here nor there at the moment since the channel is dry anyway.  We did have rain but too litt