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Ground Rush

At this time of year I usually try and get all the mid winter gifts ready for posting before the start of the olive harvest. Once the harvest begins there is no time to think of anything else. Last year my son's injury playing sledge hockey in Japan sent me rushing across the globe on a mission of mercy, and Steve did most of it solo. This year the art exhibition, which now has a start date of 14th December, is taking so much of my time that it looks like Steve will once again be battling the trees alone. Yes we are promised help from a fit young man who specifically wants to participate in the harvest but he can't come until the 9th December and it very much looks like the harvest will start earlier this year. Given the small amount of rain we have had and the fact that many of the trees are bare the harvest could be over before he gets here! My life is full of wool at the moment. No time for much else. Wool and a small rising panic that my exposition won't be