Some people just have style don't they? The rest of us follow. I don't mind admitting to being a follower. I have searched for decades for my own style but am so easily swayed by everything!  You know how women used to go into hairdressers with a photo of a film star and say 'I want to look like that!' and of course you know it was an impossible task because what they wanted wasn't simply to copy the hairstyle but somehow they thought that the hairstyle would make them look like their idol, irregardless of what their face actually looked like.

I am like that with clothes to a certain extent. I see something and I love it but trying it on makes me see that actually I don't have the right shape for this or the colour does nothing for me.  Sometimes we need to try something different to see if it works.

Recently my mother in law sent me a huge pile of fabric. She asked several times if I'd done something with it so I devoted an entire weekend to The Tunic.

I bought this book sometime ago but never got around to using it. The fabric wasn't what I would choose but as I said before, I don't always make good choices so what the heck here goes.

From the one pattern I made 3 tunics so far.

And another tunic dress is in progress. I don't know if the tunic is my thing but it's comfortable to wear and practical for the finca. The addition of extra darts and a zip should make the tunic dress more formal. A special occasion wear perhaps. It's all in an effort to find 'my style'. I would love to find a look that suits me and then just vary the fabric and the colours to produce a hand made wardrobe. But I am fickle and I'm not sure I could dedicate myself to one particular style.

And then there is the thing that we don't always see ourselves the same as everyone else sees us. I remember a close relative gave me a bag once saying 'I saw this and it's just so YOU, I had to buy it for you'.  I looked at the multicoloured plastic monstrosity with horror and a feigned smile 'oh you shouldn't have' was never so apt!


  1. Love the tunics, especially the sleeveless ones. It's funny how we see ourselves and how others see us. As long as you are happy with them, that's what matters. Happy belated birthday wishes. It's my birthday today-9/11!! I have a few years on you though!!lol


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