Fig Festival

Our village is well known locally for the production of first class fig products. A little farther afield they are less well known. There is a presence out in the wider world but it's scant. That's a shame because the fig products they make here are truly excellent. They deserve a bigger profile.

Almoharin held its first Fig Festival this weekend. We were looking forward to it. The programme was advertised and we decided to visit on the Saturday when a cooking demonstration was to take place. Along with lots of stands full of local food and wine to taste. It promised to be a great event.

Unfortunately for me it wasn't. The noise level was phenomenal, a chef with a needlessly loud PA system (I say needlessly loud because no one was listening to him at all) and a very large crowd full of people shouting at each other.   After a short while of trying to communicate with friends and neighbours and giving myself a terrible sore throat, I had to admit defeat and leave. That was disappointing because the event looked excellent. The food yummy and the whole set up really professional.

Before running away clutching at my ears I managed to get a few photos.

I know it looks like they are watching and listening, perhaps, but they were talking too.

These ladies were demonstrating how the local co operative used to package the figs 40 years ago. A very hands on labour intensive process - I doubt they were paid very much either. The simple blouses and peasant head scarves were very fetching. If it suited me I think I'd wear one for working too.

At Maribel's insistence I pose for a photo with the ladies.

The festivities continue this evening with live music and no doubt dancing. I think we'll pass. Am I sounding a little bit jaded? I don't mean to. This sort of thing is generally right up my street, it was just so noisy.. it became unbearable. And my throat is so painful now I can barely speak. 😮

In other news we have our first volunteer since the casita was finished. A 19 year old French girl, travelling Europe alone. Is that brave or foolhardy or is the world a safer place for girls now? I'd like to think so. At any rate she is proving very helpful, likes to cook (an excellent skill to have). The next week or two is going to be very very busy with Spinzilla (the annual spinning mileage competition) starting on the 2nd October and a visit home to Scotland the following week. I'll catch up with you guys after that!


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