A Good Holiday

What makes a great holiday? The answer is truly a subjective one. For each of us it is different, however, the most memorable holidays are often when things were less than perfect. I have a photograph in my house of a French family eating al fresco in what appears to be a slightly neglected garden or allotment. The pergola where their picnic table is set is in need of repair and the whole feel of the scene is one of having seen better days. BUT! I can imagine the food is excellent and this is the best summer holiday that little girl ever had.

You will have to excuse the reflections in the photo but you can see the whole thing is like a memory of childhood when the summers were endless and the shabbiness simply not noticed.

It also reminds me of a tale I heard from a friend who purchased a small farm in rural Italy. The people who sold it told them that a family from Rome came every summer for a vacation. They stayed in two rooms, one with beds in it, the other was a kitchen of sorts, farmhouse table, large sink, fireplace and a single gas burner. No electricity either, kerosene lamps and candles at night. The toilet was at the bottom of the garden and a hosepipe outside was used for the 'shower'. The family sometimes consisted of 7 or 8 people and they paid the farmer and his wife good money for those two rooms. They had been coming regularly for more than ten years and when they were told that the place was no longer for holiday rent the mother and grandmother wept. It was the end of an era. I expect the children, now grown, still talk of the fun they had on holiday as children.

Do we expect too much these days? Can we no longer make our own fun? Do we need TV and internet and a bar or restaurant, MacDonalds?

I believe the true purpose of a holiday is not simply to get away from your work or daily routine, but is about making memories. Significant memories. Spending time as a family, as a couple, away from the busy-ness of the modern world. Somewhere you have time to watch for the birds, to listen to stories, to eat at your leisure, to learn something new. A place to make memories.

I present to you.. The Casita at Finca La Reina. I know, it hardly looks finished, cosmetics only.. which will be sorted very soon!

We have electricity. Modern shower/bathroom (indoor toilet). A kitchen big enough and well equipped enough to cook a proper meal.

Here the bedroom is set up with two single beds but these can easily be pushed together to make a double. There is a futon for an extra person or child.

There is TV and WiFi is available once a day up at the main house for those important daily catch-ups and reassurance.  There is a BBQ area outside as well as an outdoor shower and the new pergola just needs a coat of paint and then the willow 'matting' will provide shade.

There are still some finishing touches to be done, the outside wall needs cladding (this will be done before winter) and the verandah needs levelling (waiting on word from the builder about this one), but otherwise we are ready for guests.

Not at the bottom of the garden!

We are thinking that people who enjoy the simple things in life, are perhaps wanting to come to Extremadura for the wildlife, the hiking or the search for a glimpse of a real Spain that is fast disappearing, people on a budget or people searching for their dream retirement home will appreciate best what we have to offer. The cost? 30 euros per night plus 10 euros extra if you want a welcome pack (bread, milk, eggs, cheese, ham and a bottle of wine) for those who don't want to bother with shopping on their arrival day. This price is whether you are travelling on your own or with friends (the casita will take a maximum of three people plus you could just about squeeze in a child in a cot).

The minimum stay is three nights but if  I you stay longer than a week we will reduce the price. We can not take visitors during June, July or August as it is simply too hot to be comfortable here and the use of the BBQ is forbidden by law during those months but the rest of the year we are open for business. Just email j.legalloudec at (symbol) Gmail  dot com to book your dates. Just like any other holiday you do need to pay up front before you come but a small deposit will secure your booking and the rest can be paid afterwards. What do you think?


  1. Sounds like a hell of a deal to me and the welcome pack is a major bargain!! Hopefully, you will have bookings for September, good luck!!

    1. Hi Janice, I don't plan on making a profit from the welcome pack and 10 euros will cover it. Bread and wine are cheap here and the eggs are from our hens, only the jamon and cheese will cost more. Spain is great for good, simple (tasty) inexpensive food. Since the casita will also be used for volunteers there is a box of staples (rice, pasta, tea bags, coffee, uht milk, sugar) that can be used on a use and replace basis. We are a couple of km from the nearest shop and the opening hours can fox visitors so this is only sensible. But, I'm delighted you think it's a good deal! 😀


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