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A Good Holiday

What makes a great holiday? The answer is truly a subjective one. For each of us it is different, however, the most memorable holidays are often when things were less than perfect. I have a photograph in my house of a French family eating al fresco in what appears to be a slightly neglected garden or allotment. The pergola where their picnic table is set is in need of repair and the whole feel of the scene is one of having seen better days. BUT! I can imagine the food is excellent and this is the best summer holiday that little girl ever had. You will have to excuse the reflections in the photo but you can see the whole thing is like a memory of childhood when the summers were endless and the shabbiness simply not noticed. It also reminds me of a tale I heard from a friend who purchased a small farm in rural Italy. The people who sold it told them that a family from Rome came every summer for a vacation. They stayed in two rooms, one with beds in it, the other was a kitchen