The Junky Shop

We went into Miajades today so that Fergus could get a haircut. 2 hours dog free means we can do some serious perusing in our favourite places.

This is a shop set up in a garage. They sell second hand items and stuff from house clearances. The locals have a funny idea of what constitutes an antique, most of it being just junk, but often it's junk with very high prices. Very old tatty books can command huge prices while other quite tasteful items can often be just a few euros. Mind you, finding tasteful items can be quite hard! Its the kind of place I like to rummage.

There are some great finds if you take the time to search and have the imagination to use/repurpose them. I often think that one or two carefully selected vintage pieces will finish off the look of a room and give it character, even if all the rest of the items in the room are modern and commonplace.

There is a lot of religious iconography. And even modern Spanish homes seem to have their fair share of this. Huge crosses or crucifixes that I would expect to only find in a church are quite normal above the bed in most Spanish homes.

Old treadle sewing machines with unknown makers names.

A quick inspection shows that they are usable/repairable, most needing only a clean and a little oil. I've recovered a machine much older and in worse repair. But I don't have room for any more sewing machines!

Collections of old tools. Dressing farm buildings or making a cottage look quaint perhaps? These old rusted implements look great on the outside wall of a house. Our house isn't old but the right farm implement would suggest that people have been living and farming here for many many years - only half true but nevertheless it's an impression I like. One day, our plans include an old plough or donkey harness for an outside wall.

Dubious art work.. there is alot of this, none of it very good, but obviously it was fashionable... once.

A motorbike???? The fact that Steve is looking the other way should give you a clue as to whether it's any good.

Some old fashioned linens. I am very fond of vintage textiles but the prices on most of it was crazy. An old linen sheet was 40 euros!! Good quality linen but you couldn't sleep on it any more!

I love these. Very vintage. One day, I may just have a place for something like this. There appears to be a fairly consistent turn around on wash stands. An item that is very common in Spanish houses that predate plumbing (which is most of them!)

And the prize for the least tasteful object I've seen in a very long time goes to these clothes hooks.

And poignant reminders of other peoples lives. What special occasion were these bought for I wonder?


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