My Week in Pictures

I awoke early this morning to the sound of a strimmer droning away in the next door finca, it was barely light and then when I finally dragged myself out of bed I discovered we have a hung parliament.  But. On to more important stuff (to me) - my life this week.

You may think that it's all this...  Followed by this...

And it is true, there has been a certain amount of this, but also...

120 onions planted in a quest to 1. Grow what traditionally grows well here and 2. A small attempt at approaching self sufficiency (the girl at the garden centre said they would keep, we don't really have anywhere cool to store them but I'm going to try hanging them on the verandah). 12 globe artichokes planted, fiddly vegetable but delicious. 20 Padron peppers planted - eaten green by the Spanish when one in ten is spicy but if you leave them all to turn red they are all spicy!

There has been harvesting.

And the squash and courgettes are turning into triphyds and trying to get out of the old hen enclosure. The soil in there is amazing! Well done hens!

There has also been alot of this..

And some of this...

Dyeing with oakbark and iron in an attempt to get a nice brown. It turned out a light toffee-caramel colour but considering the amount of work involved, not dark enough. Another post another day perhaps.

The strawberries have finally diminished to a small handful about once a week. We are grateful, you can have too much of a good thing!

Work has started on knitting Steve a waistcoat. I'm pretty close to playing yarn chicken, as in there may not be quite enough to finish it, it's going to be a close run thing which is very annoying since the fibre came from the USA and will take a bit of time to arrive (it's from an Indie dyer and she dyes to order) and then there's the spinning, can I recreate the same yarn since I didn't take any notes?! 😤 Lesson learned!

A sample ball of local merino blended with a commercial emerald green bamboo fibre in the search for a soft drapey yarn. Swatch still to be knitted.

And another experiment with a small skein and some beetroot peelings. Solar dyeing takes time so this will sit out by the pool for the rest of the summer.

But mostly... The bags of dirty fleece diminish... (albeit slowly).

And the clean stuff awaiting picking/carding/combing/spinning grows... (the black body bag on the table will eventually be stuffed to full capacity with clean fibre awaiting prep).

A decision has been made to purchase a Picker. No not a person/slave/servant to do some picking (although a small child with a stick running around the finca chasing the Iberian magpies off the figs would be very useful!) No, a Picker is a hefty piece of kit designed to open out the fibres turning them into wispy light clouds of fluff while the trapped vegetation falls out. At the present time I am doing this by hand and it's laborious and time consuming. The new picker will be examined, put through its paces, purchased and then transported home from The Loch Ness Knitfest which I am attending in October. Whoo Hoo!!!! Guess who's travelling with a large suitcase and very few clothes?

And finally. Who's the lucky girl who was given a fabulous present for no other reason than he loves me?

I still adore my old wheel because she is a vintage classic and very romantic looking and I learned to spin on her....

but this new one, a Lendrum from Canada, is a Rolls Royce by comparison. She came with a laceweight flyer as well as a jumbo flyer for art yarns and a free standing lazy Kate. This may sound like double Dutch to you but it means greater control over the types of yarn that I can make and a much varied selection of yarns too. 

Seriously, life is GOOD!


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