I have put a hyphen between Garden and Ing because to spell it as one word, gardening, would seem to imply that I know what I'm doing. Which, quite frankly, I don't. If I push a rake around the soil for a while, pull the odd weed while totally missing others until they sprout huge blousy blooms, pile earth into mini mountains around the base of plants for no other reason than I think they need the support, or simply just the act of being in the garden waving around some random garden implement, all this falls under the term garden-ing.

In spite of my incompetence with the veggie plot we are getting produce. I seem to be one of those people who learn by experience more than by reading of others experiences. I find books and the web excellent resources for putting you in the right direction but nothing beats hands on learning on the job!

For example I have recently come to realise that I have a very contrary approach to the garden in general. For example, when growing from seed all the advice is to pot on or plant out the strongest seedlings, discarding the weak. I have done this but rather than discard the weaklings I think, ah, what a shame, you deserve a chance and I find a place for the 'runts' of the vegetable world in the garden. And yes, you guessed they never come good.  I have been doing this without even realising it for years. I think it's the natural rooting for the underdog taken to extremes!  Well now I am aware I am going to guard against it.

Meanwhile the tomatoes are really quite advanced - just not turning red yet. The lettuce delicious. The potatoes.. mmmmmmmm.. just a tad too close to each other, we might not get much this year.

The onions have been pulled and are drying by the pool. I found three shallots in amongst them, I didn't plant shallots but they are welcome just the same.

The strawberries are still providing on almost a daily basis and as the season has progressed they are tasting better and better.

The kale went to seed very quickly, too much sunshine, and the spinach did likewise. We got one lunch out of the spinach and I picked the best of the kale, washed and blanched it and froze it in a bag.

Come January when it's cold and dark this will be great added to Scotch broth! And it will remind me of the sunshine in May. The courgettes are once again proving to be a magnet for the ants. I don't know the attraction but they end up swarming all over the plant and the fruits turn yellow and die. So I took drastic action and bought ant powder at the cooperative. To date we have not used any pesticides or non natural fertilisers but the ants have driven me to distraction and I gave in. We shall see how it turns out.

The flower garden is looking good this year too. It all takes time but we are getting there! And all with very little expertise or knowledge. Just bimbling about Garden -ing!

I have grand schemes in mind for the garden but will definitely need the assistance of some fit volunteers and for an update on the volunteer situation.. where I will reveal what Steve has been doing for weeks  and weeks and weeks... tune in next time!  Until then I hope your gardens are fulfilling their purpose, whether that be produce or simply joy!


  1. Lovely garden-ing post. I think I might be a garden-er rather than a gardener too. I like gardening but am probably not quite dedicated enough, I like to leave things to do their own thing. I am saying good bye to my garden of 20 years at the mo, taking lots of cuttings and root stock. I am at peace with leaving it as I have hopes of a bigger space to come. We'll see.

    1. Working on a new garden is quite an emotional experience, bits of it will be the stuff of dreams and other bits will make you miss your old garden. It can be difficult but slowly it sorts itself out and becomes part of you. Time and patience is the key - although I think these are traits of a gardener rather than a garden-er lol 😁


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