It's a Gift

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who commented,emailed and passed on their condolences to me. These are verbal gifts, so thoughtful, and treasured in their kindness. Especially Venomater who left such a nice comment that Blogger decided not to publish, even though I ticked the correct box. Apologies for Bloggers incompetence and sincere thanks for your sentiments.

It's been a time of gifts. Before I dashed back to Scotland, a cousin, on reading about my sewing aspirations, sent me a huge amount of quality fabric. Enough for a suit or a coat and then some! This is a gift that I could only dream about... now made reality. I am almost paralysed into indecision by the enormous generosity. Can I do this fabric justice? Will I actually be able to bring myself to cut the fabric? For the moment it is waiting both in my treasure chest of materials as well as percolating in my mind's eye, simmering beneath the surface of my every day tasks until the moment is right to begin.

I gifted myself some wool while in Scotland and started knitting socks while on duty at the hospital. I unravelled those socks three times. My knitting definitely suffered from lack of concentration but that's ok. The knitting served an important purpose which was filled simply by keeping a part of my mind busy. Since returning home the socks are once more materialising, only better this time. When finished they will be gifted to a very special person.

When I left the finca the almond trees were in blossom. On returning we have almonds. This is heartening. But also sad, I feel like I missed something. A dear neighbour passed me a couple of bushes of some flowering shrub that she could not use herself. This has prompted me to tackle the flower beds in the garden where the weeds have grown to waist height and as always, with everything, I feel like I am playing catch up. I never, ever manage to get ahead of the game! At least not with the garden. Perhaps the lesson here is to simply accept that this is how things are and I can never change that.

I used the last of my gifted local fleece to make a felted bag. I am very happy with this one.

It's a good usable size and the felting worked pretty well. The plan is to find a small range of usable modern bag styles and then perhaps take some commissions. Each bag being a work of art - hand spun, dyed and knitted, perhaps embroidered or embellished to be a unique and individual item that reflects the local area or perhaps my life here in Spain. It's a work in progress. A reminder that my joy in the creation of these things is a gift too.

My brother brought me a large bag of spices from Dubai. With an enormous jar of saffron, more expensive than gold! I plan a paella. A gift for the senses. I love gifts like this.

 My world seems to be full of gifts at the moment. I can't help but feel lucky.


  1. Hi Jane, me again! :)

    Thank you for the mention, even if it was because of a Blogger foul up - I wonder if my comment will be lounging somewhere in the ether forever and a day now? Anyway, I am pleased you managed to read my note before it disappeared, it was meant from the heart...

    It certainly looks like your material world is going to be full of decisions and, hopefully, the resultant good things from your efforts. We will have to wait and see how this one turns out but, in the meantime, you clearly have your work cut out controlling the garden stuff and raising your produce.

    Good luck with that and all your other projects.


    V... x x


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