I Am Home

But things are not normal. There is a huge space inside me, just empty. I know that the finca will help to heal me, I can feel it working it's magic already.

I made bread using the outdoor oven. I'm out of practice. It burned a bit. This always happens when I leave the embers in the oven. But I don't like taking them out, they are super hot and I don't have alot of manouvering space around the oven. It's our design flaw. Too late now.

Once the burnt bit is cut off it will be fine. Bread making was actually really quite comforting. There are a number of things that I can do to help me through my period of mourning.

I have come back with a heavy cold. This is what happens when you mix with people and hug strangers. There was a lot of that. Today I feel quite grotty. Head aching, nose blocked and throat sore, not to mention the strange empty space inside - time is the only cure for all of my symptoms.

I have a list. It reads like this:

Felted bags - experiments with local wool/dying with plants.
Canned meats - bolognaise sauce, meatballs and other ready meals.
Veggie plot - continued weeding and improving the soil.
Socks - three pairs of socks waiting to be knitted.
Shawl - a lace shawl waiting to be knitted.
Jumper - a half finished project on the needles to be finished.
Jams and pickles - we have none!
Sewing - projects waiting include: shirt for Steve, dress for me, jacket for me, suit for me, skirt to be finished and trousers to hem.

If I get even half of this lot done in the next three months I will consider it a success story. It's good to have a list.


  1. Hope your feeling better soon and you can move on with all your projects now that you are back home on your finca. One day at a time.

  2. Oh my goodness Jane, I have been living in such a bubble and am so sorry to have missed this huge wrench in your life. My deepest condolences to you at this time. Peace.

    1. Thank-you Rebecca. It is a great comfort that so many people have said such nice things.

    2. Thank-you Rebecca. It is a great comfort that so many people have said such nice things.


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