The Lazy Gardener

I'm not a really good gardener. More of a fair weather gardener. If it's even a little bit cold I will stay in and do something else. So you see even though we did a lot of work in the veggie patch last year spring has brought up the weeds - big time.  Apart from the few broad bean plants in the foreground the rest of the greenery is weeds!

This has been heartening in one sense because previously the soil was so poor that we had very few weeds. Now they are tall and lush. And thankfully fairly easy to pull out.

I've done quite a big patch already. And last month I spread out the strawberries and planted all the runners. Can't wait for them to start fruiting.

While Steve is burning the last of the prunings (all pruned wood of a decent size is kept for the house fire next winter) I have been working hard on weed removal as I want him to install the irrigation system before I do the main spring planting. We still have a few Brussels left from winter but we are fed up of them now and they are probably past their best.

To make things a little more interesting while the bonfires are going we made toasted cheese sandwiches for 11's and a pot of potato soup for lunch.

This is the pie iron. You load it up with your bread and cheese just like a sandwich maker. Clip it shut and pop it into the still hot ashes. 7 minutes and....

Yum! The filling is pumpkin jam and Gruyère cheese.

The soup was made in the Dutch oven and took about an hour in the ashes of the bonfire.

Meanwhile the promised high temperatures never quite made it because of the Sahara dust in the atmosphere. This is sun rise this morning. Looking very sci fi!

You may notice in the previous photos that the sky looks grey. It is very grey and until all the dust either settles or blows away, we shall have to do without our beloved blue sky. And once the dust has finished settling, we shall have to wash the car!

Other things I have done this week include sewing a skirt, spinning some more yarn, knitting continues on a jumper for me and an experiment in felting a bag using local wool. It makes me feel good to list my achievements, but what I haven't done is any housework or any laundry - you see, you can't do it all,  I don't even try!


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