12th Night

If this was ever a special day for my ancestors (and I don't know that it was) it certainly isn't for us. While the Spanish in the village are parading with the three Kings and the children getting really excited, we are slowly dismantling Christmas. I say slowly, because most years it is, but this year we only put up one decoration and even that became hours of fun for the cats. It took all of five minutes to put away.

I put the Christmas cards up on the garland and was constantly having to replace them when the cats knocked them down. So glad we passed on the tree this year. So the house moves into its Winter mode.

Outside the days start foggy and cold, often warming up enough to sit and knit or spin on the verandah by the afternoons, but not always. After several days of this I give in and do an essential laundry load.

We brought a tumble drier with us from the UK but we didn't keep it. Why pay the electricity bill if you don't have to. Our alternative is a bit unsightly but the washing dries in just a few hours.

It often smells of wood smoke once it's dry but we don't mind, there are worse smells.

One of the things that jumped out at me on my last visit to the UK was how strong and how artificial people's clothes smelled. Combined with colognes or makeup smells, I found it quite overwhelming at times, my nose actually prickled and I started holding a hankie over my nose in much the same fashion as I might once have done at a strong natural farmyard stench.

Oh how times have changed. Nowadays I could actually enjoy the aroma of manure and hold at arm's length a jumper enfused with fabric softener and laundry perfume enhancers!


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