A Bad Year?

I've heard a lot of people say that 2016 has been a bad year and that they can't wait for it to end. With our recent bout of excitement and anxieties you might think that I am one of them but I am not.

Most of the negative comments about the year are connected to celebrities dying.  And I agree, this is sad, especially when it is a star who has brought great joy to so many people through his/her particular art form.  But.  I do not know any of these people personally and they are not members of my family so while it is sad, it is ... simply life.  Maybe that sounds heartless but so many people go through life as if they are never going to die and then complain that ... oh my gosh... someone died!

Death is part of life, it is what makes life so meaningful.  It is also a bit sad, more so when it is someone you know and love but death does not make it a bad year.  Yes a lot of people died in 2016 but also a lot of people did not die.  Lets get some perspective on this.  Comments like 'lets wrap David attenborough in cotton wool until the year is finished' are just ridiculous.

A much better way is to get out there and DO stuff.  Spoiler Alert people.. You are all going to die!  So while you are still living... go do something meaningful to you.  Give your life purpose, find your purpose, experience what life has to offer and make it count because every year is going to be like this one!

OK rant over.  As you may have guessed, we have internet again.  Phew.  That was a difficult couple of months.  I always thought I could cope fine without the internet, I was born into a world where it didn't exist so hey... no big deal.  But seriously when everyone else is able to participate in 'stuff' that you can't, you begin to feel like a second class citizen.  In particular I found it very difficult not to be able to look up the answers to questions straight away.  Patience is not really my thing and this became evident over the last couple of months more than ever.  Anyway.  Once the Movistar man found us (easy) it took him five minutes and we are once again part of the modern world, yippee.

In other news, the olive harvest continues, was started by Steve alone while I was away, I helped for a week when I got back and then simply had to go do stuff in the house.  Christmas was not prepared for and yet we survived as well as we ever do over the festive season.  We didn't put up a tree, too many cats and it isn't funny unless you are in the mood!

There are still some 30 odd trees to do, not many olives on them though, but we have clocked over 900kgs so far this harvest, not as much as last year but we expect the price to be better so it all evens out eventually.

We have had some wonderful sunny days for the harvest but are poised for real winter to begin, typically January comes with a lot of rain. No complaints about that. Staying home and getting on with some craft work, cooking or baking for the freezer are all enjoyable ways to pass a damp dreary day. And of course now that we have internet again we can skype with family, research stuff that we think will become useful in the future or simply amuse ourselves with social media.  And it wouldn't be half as enjoyable if we hadn't had all our recent frustrations.  The poignancy of life!


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