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A Bad Year?

I've heard a lot of people say that 2016 has been a bad year and that they can't wait for it to end. With our recent bout of excitement and anxieties you might think that I am one of them but I am not. Most of the negative comments about the year are connected to celebrities dying.  And I agree, this is sad, especially when it is a star who has brought great joy to so many people through his/her particular art form.  But.  I do not know any of these people personally and they are not members of my family so while it is sad, it is ... simply life.  Maybe that sounds heartless but so many people go through life as if they are never going to die and then complain that ... oh my gosh... someone died! Death is part of life, it is what makes life so meaningful.  It is also a bit sad, more so when it is someone you know and love but death does not make it a bad year.  Yes a lot of people died in 2016 but also a lot of people did not die.  Lets get some perspective on this.  Commen

More Unwanted Excitement!

If you have read my previous post then you will know that we have been having family issues prompting unplanned travels back to the UK. Well the exciting jet setting lifestyle of late ramped up a bit with a message from our son, who had been competing in the Sledge hockey World Championships in Japan, had suffered a back injury (on top of the one he already has) and was hospitalised. With the rest of the team due to fly home the next day he would be left on his own. So. 4am the following morning his travel insurance phoned me asking if I could make an 11am flight to Sapporo, Japan. Of course I said yes. And before I know it I'm sat on a plane to Hong Kong trying to sleep while sat bolt upright between two total strangers. In Hong Kong I have an hour and a half before my connection to Sapporo. I have 20 euros in my pocket which of course I can't spend so I go in search of a cash point. Once I find one I realise that I actually don't know how much money to tak